Optimizing the management of its panels advertising - more than 120 000 in France - and dynamic media schedules proposed its advertisers are both credo the French leader in outdoor Advertising.

Inventor of the concept of Urban furniture in 1964, JCDecaux is the only company in the world exclusively the business of outdoor advertising and develop multi-faceted: street furniture, the large format display and advertising in transport.

Crossing map data and marketing is a fundamental requirement for a display such as JCDecaux. The solution had to meet three objectives:

Clearly visualize its assets on a map, to better manage and maintain the park signs display. JCDecaux uses base maps NAVTEQ provided by GEOCONCEPT SA.

Establish measures hearings. To better serve customers, JCDecaux developed real expertise hearing to assess the impact of the display on all territory, and, through surveys of travel and thanks to studies Affimétrie (Measurement Institute
Hearing outdoor advertising).

Build targeted networks. To target priority certain categories of population, is Geomarketing become an indispensable tool. It determines the most strategic locations depending on the mobility of targets studied and their locations habitat.

Key figures JCDECAUX

  • N ° 1 worldwide in street furniture
  • N ° 1 in Europe for Large Format Display
  • N ° 1 worldwide advertising in Airports
  • 7,900 employees worldwide and 3124 in France
  • 715,000 advertising panels in 46 countries
  • Consolidated sales in 2005: EUR 1 745 200 000

The answer from GEOCONCEPT

To optimize its operations and campaigns communication activities with customers, GEOCONCEPT SA provides the service of geomarketing of JCDecaux since 1992, the Geoconcept Expert solution (today Geoconcept Enterprise) which refines the networks according to requirements Geomarketing as geographic targeting, socio-demographic or behavioral. Thus, GEOCONCEPT technologies enable:

Heritage teams perform updates existing structures (annual work lasting 6 months) and build new networks as "Diva" or "The Manager";

Media planners to prepare their offer targeting according to specific criteria (CSP residential areas, tourist areas, etc.).

Meanwhile, since 2003, commercial use Geoconcept Multiviewer, embedded solution for to provide customers with dynamic demonstrations. A solution that fits today about 170 commercial including 150 in the region.

A winner and lasting partnership

“The Geoconcept solution is one of the key marketing construction supply JCDecaux”

Nicolas BONUS, Marketing.

Combining rapid deployment and ease of use with excellent readability rack cards, Geoconcept solutions continue to meet expectations of JCDecaux. “The audience has become the sinews of war. More than panels JCDecaux today provides its customers qualified contacts” concludes Nicolas BONUS Marketing Department JCDecaux Futures.

Since 1992, GEOCONCEPT has enabled the Service Geomarketing and Commercial JCDecaux: Optimize each display campaign by selecting only advertising faces that will affect network the targets of advertisers.

To quickly increase the profitability of each park advertising, with a clear understanding of the impact each panel on the target concerned.

Develop and test new generations advertising media on new targets and qualified geographical areas.

Building on the success of this partnership in France, JCDecaux also chose to equip Geoconcept solutions in Germany.